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Getting on the Same Page
Newsletter column

Paige writes a column called Getting on the Same Page for monthly newsletter Nursing & Asssited Living Facility Professional. Go to
to read the newsletter.

Articles by Paige:

Help, We Need QAPI Ideas - November 2018
Uncovered Territory of Person-Centered Pain Assessment - October 2018
Biopsychosocial Elements of Pain Management - September 2018
Addressing Psychosocial Aspects of Pain to Improve Well-Being - August 2018
Unexpected Gifts During a Directed Inservice - July 2018
Your Life Your Choices - June 2018
Dispelling the “Discoverable” Misunderstanding - May 2018
Training and Education, The Difference and Why It Matters - April 2018
Every Facility Has a Culture, What's Yours Like? - March 2018
Assessing and Managing Sex Offenders in the LTC Setting - Part V Survey Implications - February 2018
Assessing and Managing Sex Offenders in the LTC Setting - Part IV Documentation - January 2018
Assessing and Managing Sex Offenders in the LTC Setting - Part III Care Planning, December 2017
Assessing and Managing Sex Offenders in the LTC Setting - Part II Policy Development - Part II,
November 2017
Assessing and Managing Sex Offenders in the LTC Setting - Part I - October 2017
Making Rounds, Changing Culture – September 2017
What Can Nursing Homes Learn From Disney- August 2017
Unleash the Power of Performance Improvement in Your Facility:Stop the Madness of
Data Insanity July 2017
Assessing Caregiver Burden: How is Your Facility Doing? - June 2017
Does Your Facility Have a Vision?” - May 2017
Advance Care Planning Discussions: What Does That Really Mean? - April 2017
Thank you Teepa Snow - March 2017
Resident’s Rights and Poor Choices: What is a Facility to DO? - February 2017
A Day in the Life of a Professional LTC Social Worker - January 2017
Shifting Our Approach: From Suicide Prediction to Suicide Prevention. - December 2016
Don’t Just Do Something! Understand the Context of the Event for the Correct Root
Cause Analysis - October 2016
Inservice Time! Please Reconsider Your Strategy - September 2016
What’s the Difference between Common and Special Cause Variation and
Why Should You Care? - August 2016
Everything We Do Is A Process. So What? - July 2016
Dying and Death is Personal - June 2016
Code Status Discussion, PART II - What IS a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation? - May 2016
Code Status Discussion – Who and When? - April 2016
Are You Outside Your Scope of Training? - March 2016
A Critical Missing Link in the Transition of Care - February 2016
Vetted Providers: Too Far Fetched for the SNF? - December 2015
Can You Hear Me Now? - November 2015
Getting Beyond Blaming Staff: A Facility Example - October 2015
Here, Here, Read All About It! The State Operations Manual - August 2015
Updating Policies and Procedures: Stop the Groaning! - July 2015


CareClips is a free website presenting videos with practical information for long term care providers. Paige presents 5 videos on the care planning process. Go to to watch!

Here are the five videos by Paige:

Nursing Home Social Workers’ Listserv
Free listserv and webinars

The Nursing Home Social Workers’ Listserv is a free resource that offers a platform for nursing home social workers and social service staff to ask questions, share resources and discuss topics related to long term care. To join, go to
Also available on this website are recordings of webinars that social work professionals have presented on a variety of topics for long term care staff.

Paige presented webinars on:

  • Achieving Cultural Competence for the Younger Adult Part I and Part II
  • Your Life Choices: An Approach to Advance Care Planning
  • Communicating with Families: Addressing Perceptions, Managing Risk & Documenting Outcomes
  • Grievances:  Accepting and Managing Complaints in Nursing Homes
  • Psychosocial Documentation: Guidelines and Case Examples to Improve Social Work Care and Risk Management
  • Psychosocial Assessment: Impacting Care Planning and Intervention
  • PHQ-9 (Part 2): Role of the Nursing Home Social Worker in Depression Care Management
    The Nursing Home Social Worker