“Each system is perfectly designed to get the results it is already getting.”

   Donald Berwick, Past President of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement


I love teaching. It truly is that simple. From administrators and corporate executives to front-line staff, my approach to consultation and education is an open book. Never will I enter a situation and declare what is wrong and what must be done to fix it. Instead, I start with asking questions, some times lots of questions. And, I listen to what is being said and more importantly, what isn’t being said. Every institution and facility is a product of systems and processes, some times they work well, and other times they are a little bent. I focus intently on how and why things work and then help identify how they can go more smoothly, be more efficient or useful.

Consultation is a partnership focused on finding solutions that staff agree on, that they get excited about. I encourage and welcome staff to ask me questions and challenge me. My expectation is that I will always be able to provide clear rationale with reference to best practices and regulations for everything I do and say.

My view on public speaking is that it is a privilege to be invited to share knowledge in this venue. I am committed to staying abreast of the vast amount of literature on topics important to long-term care facilities. My presentations are upbeat and filled with examples based on real life situations and experiences. I like the challenge of taking mundane policies and regulations and transforming them into something that staff can relate to and use.